• Wet Coast commute, Love it! 😬
  • The parade starts! Westcoast ride to live.
  • Happy Mother's Day Jean and Betty-80 & 82 years young!
  • Happy Hallowe'en #experiencevictoria
  • Fabulous fall day in Victoria! #explorevictoria
  • On any Sunday-fellowship of sidecar enthusiasts.
  • I'm an optimistic guy, "they" predicted 20% chance of clear sky's. I didn't find that 20%!
  • Nothing better than wringing out the gloves and having a hot shower
  • It floats 😉
  • Fun day! #yyj
  • A great couple to tour with! #westcoastsidecar, #rideexploretour#victoriabc#instagood#explorevictoria
  • Great tour yesterday around Victoria and Esquimalt Lagoon. That's not a fog bank in the back ground.

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